Who We Are?


Who we are

"Our goal is not to meet the demands of our customers, our aim is not to make you feel special.

All we want is for you admire our gloves!"

Ceyhun Pak ~  

Altezzoso Leather Gloves Co.

Altezzoso is an Istanbul and Palermo based luxury brand specializing in Men's and Women's handcrafted leather gloves, and more. Several of models are handmade by some of the most experienced glove makers in Turkey and Italy where the art of leather and glove making have been handed down for century, as one of the major representatives of high quality and unmatched handwork.

The brand has been crafting the Europe's best leather gloves since 2013. Although primarily famous for the crafting of fine leather gloves, Altezzoso has always been involved with the design and manufacture of fine leather goods. Altezzoso gloves are manufactured in their own ateliers and personally buy all leather, fabric, wool, fur, and other materials. This gives control of the production chain and ensures a high level of quality. We choose the finest leather and cashmere in order to enhance the exclusivity of our creations through the unique beauty of these refined materials.

Altezzoso is out of the limits of perfection, extraordinary, attractive, joyfull, trendy, fond of freedom and also it carries the soul of 1960's. Altezzoso means "proud" in Italian and all of the products are handmade in Turkey and Italy due to the existance of capable leather cutters and sewing masters, applying ancient traditions and only ever using the highest quality leather.

Although the family business firmly loyal to its roots started its journey as a leather goods brand in 2013, it is based on a small gloves workshop owned by Master Dimitri, whose ound in Sisli district in 1962. His journeymen, who were trained by Dimitri, who studied glove making at the Paris Academy, the most famous leather glove artist of Istanbul in the 60s, formed the beginning of the traditional glove art of Altezzoso.

True art accepts no compromises. Altezzoso leather glove makers are proud of the fact they have never given in to the temptation of lowering the level of its quality even a little for the sake of increasing production, “what can be done by hand must not be done by machine”. Every product reflects this philosophy and reveals the intrinsic implication that the artist’s touch makes his work unique. Discover Eurasia's most prestigious leather glove brand.

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