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It targeted branding all over the World, Turkey's most prestigious leather gloves brand Altezzoso can buy wholesale. If you want to buy Altezzoso's distinguished products that determine fashion trends in gloves and deliver our products to your customers in your domestic and foreign stores, you can contact us by phone or e-mail.

Production for Corporate Brands and Fashion Houses

Altezzoso designs and manufactures glove collections for international fashion brands in its boutique workshop. With its high level of quality understanding and competitive price policy, Altezzoso prepares the leather glove collections of its corporate customers under the guidance of ISO 9001 and ISO 10001 documents. Altezzoso Glove, which has been carrying out corporate production activities for many fashion brands since its establishment, is the first choice of the leading brands of the fashion industry with its rich experience in this field. Altezzoso continues to make a difference by doing its job with love and targeting customer satisfaction.

You can ask our sales team to visit you or we can host you in our showroom so that you can see the gloves collection that will be created considering your needs closely and to discuss the details.

Unique Business Gifts

With Altezzoso leather accessory concepts, you can take your corporate gifts beyond the standards. We will be honored to offer Altezzoso privilege to your customers, business partners and employees with our corporate product and gift service, which is a special service for your company or institution. Our gloves, specially produced with your corporate logo, will take a very prestigious place among your gift alternatives. Altezzoso sales team can visit you at your office to offer Altezzoso gift options that will be created by considering your needs, or if you wish, we can host you in our showroom.

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