Business Ethic Statement


Altezzoso's Manifesto of Business Ethics

  • Altezzoso acts with the awareness of social responsibilities and is sensitive to the needs of the society.
  • It does not allow child labor to be employed in the production of the products it produces and sells.
  • It does not tolerate physical and material exploitation of its employees.
  • Altezzoso obtains all the processed hides it uses from animals used in the food industry. In production, animals that are slaughtered for meat are preferred, not for their skin and fur. Animal skin, which is used extensively in the cuisine of the countries where it is supplied, is imported. In line with the principles of Altezzoso, it is not allowed to harm any animals living in nature and farm animals produced for industrial use are used. It does not allow cruelty to animals. Leather or fur from endangered animal species is not used in Altezzoso products.
  • Altezzoso focuses on a cleaner environment and a better quality of life that protects nature. The Altezzoso brand avoids mass production. Products are produced labor-intensive. It avoids being involved in any industrial production that harms the environment. Natural materials are preferred in production.
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