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“We attach importance to creativity, design, tradition and production techniques. The carefully selected leather shaping with an extraordinary design approach by a master hand makes the flawless appearance inevitable. "

~ Ceyhun PAK ~

Leather Gloves Manufacturing

Altezzoso gloveswill take its place in the most special corner of your wardrobe. From an expertly sewn flawless glove to a bag, it awaits you to discover details that reflect your fine taste. Every process, from the design stage to the planning stage, from production to packaging, is carried out in Istanbul and Palermo. Since the 1960s, the patterns of all collections have emerged as a result of researching different styles and examining current trends.

Each individual skin needs a careful examination in order to determine which parts of the leather to use for each section of the glove. leather gloves are our passion. The leather skins are classified by color and size to determine what type of gloves they will be made for male or female, short or long. • Stretching : The leather is stretched to its maximum to determine the location of the different parts that will make up the glove. The leather is worked by pulling it from the head towards the bottom of the animal. • Measuring : The cutter prepares the leather by applying paper stencils to mark all parts of the glove on the leather. • Cutting : Mastering table cutting is one of the hardest elements in the production process. • Sewing: All parts are sewn on special glove machines with skilled hands. Labels and tags are also attached. Lining The lining is positioned by means of wooden hands which allow the lining to be inserted into the glove and secured by an invisible seam at each fingertip. • Ironing: In the last phase of the production process, the the gloves are ironed and pressed.

Founded in 2013 as a family company, Altezzoso has become a pioneering brand and laether gloves manufacturer protecting the retro spirit of the 1960s, Altezzoso reinterprets the trends of today is Turkey's best leather gloves manufacturer. Altezzoso continues its activities in Istanbul as a close-knit family business. Ceyhun Pak, the founder of the brand, has made great efforts to provide unlimited creativity, which he believes is necessary in order not to compromise on high quality standards, to prioritize the preferences of its customers and to maintain brand independence. It believes in certain values ​​such as tradition, creativity, perfectionism and rigor in order to maintain its brand status and passion.

Quality Certificates

We aim to systematically provide quality awareness in all our fields of activity in order to do our job “flawlessly”. We are aware of our responsibilities. We work with environmental awareness, focusing on employee and customer satisfaction within the framework of national and international legislation and quality standards.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO 10002:2018 Quality Management-Customer Satisfaction
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

iso10002 iso9001

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